About Us

With environmental issues being all over the media in recent years and in particular the current “single use plastic waste” problem, we felt the need to offer people a way to make a real difference.

As vegans, the environment is already very close to our hearts and we found it incredibly hard to source everyday items that weren’t in some sort of plastic container or wrapper…

So the answer became obvious… To provide a “one stop shop” on the high street and also online, where these products can easily be purchased with a clear conscience knowing that the items are environmentally friendly/cruelty free and any wrapper that needs to be disposed of is biodegradable.

As part of our contribution to the war against single-use plastic we offer a re-fill policy for many different items, therefore reducing waste even further.

Join us and browse our products on offer, and if there’s anything you’d like to see on our website please use the “contact us” tab which can be found on our homepage, and we will always try to source the products our customers love…